Why You Should Go For Local SEO : Top 7 Reasons

local SEO

Are you an accountant, builder, plumber or a florist? Well, your business can benefit a lot with local search engine optimization or local SEO. You can get local SEO services from a myriad of digital marketing agencies out there. But before we move forward, do you know what local SEO exactly is? It can be regarded as one of the most effective forms of local online marketing. With local SEO, you get to promote not only your local business but also your services to your local customers. And the best part is that it lets your local customers know about your products and services at exactly the time when they are actually looking for your kind of business. Isn’t it great? Local SEO uses search engines like Superpages, TouchLocal and Yelp. Your local customers use these services every day so that they can find the best local business in their area.

With local SEO, there is no guesswork involved. If you distribute leaflets to your local neighbourhood or if you put an ad in a local newspaper, you can’t be sure that your ad has been seen by people who are searching for your kind of services. This is exactly where local SEO comes in. With local SEO, you can reach your customers when they are actually looking to buy your products or services. Also, keep in mind that these new customers are your real customers and not simply online customers. With local SEO, not only your website but also your name, business, address, services etc. get promoted. Your new customers will call you and enquire about your products and services, without even visiting your website. Here, the importance of local SEO for your business is discussed:

  1. The number of online searches for local business has increased

The year 2008/09 has seen a significant increase in the number of local searches, which is 58 percent. If you pay more attention to this, you will see that this growth is more than double the growth in general search volumes. What is meant by this is, more and more people are searching for local businesses and information via search engines such as Google.

  1. Local customers are making use of the internet to search for local businesses

In order to look for local businesses, about 64 percent of local customers are making use of online search engines as well as directories. In contrast to this, there is only 28 percent of people who use old paper directories to find local business related information.

  1. Increased ROI

If you compare other advertising such as local newspapers and leaflets with local SEO, you will see that local SEO has a lot less wastage exposure. This is great indeed, as it enables you to reach your prospective customers when they are actually searching for your products and services. This makes local SEO not only cost-effective, but also efficient.

  1. Local search marketing is highly targeted and timely

If you use local search engines and online directories, then it will let you promote your business to your local customers at the time when they actually need it. And there is no better time to get connected to your prospective customers when they are actually looking for it. And local SEO lets you do exactly that.

  1. Growth in the usage of mobile internet

These days, people have become more tech savvy than ever and they are using mobile phones as well as mobile apps to find the best local business while on the go. Not only PC, but also mobile internet access is covered by local SEO.  This way, you will never miss out on a prospective customer.

  1. Decrease in the local newspaper readership

With every passing day, the number of people reading local newspaper is decreasing. According to a recent study, some newspapers have lost about 80 percent of their customers in the last 20 years. The main reason behind this is people these days are relying more on their mobile phones and
PCs and using these devices to find the best local businesses, deals and news.

  1. Not all businesses have claimed their Google Places local listings

Today, there is about 10 percent of local businesses that are well aware of the Google Places local listings and online marketing. This provides you with a great opportunity to start marketing your business online today before your competitors become aware. With local SEO, you can give them a tough competition. It’s better to start now when you still have the opportunity.

Now that you know how important it is for your business to have an online presence, go for local SEO and watch your business grow.

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Shiv Gupta is an Internet marketing professional & Editor at SEMPandit. Beyond SEMpandit, He also provide search marketing consultancy & advice to SMEs & eCommerce based companies.