Website Penalty Reconsideration Request Guide by Google

Advertisers who already spend lots of money and waiting for since long time can now revoke penalty themselves. Google just updated its support page with step by step procedure to filling reconsideration requests.

Google understand that most of the advertisers made required changes and continuously working to fight with spammers who are creating unnatural links for their websites. Even they paid a lot of money to other webmasters to remove backlinks. But still they are not able to see their website recovered from Penalty or revoked from penalty due to not filling reconsideration request in right format.

Below are the basic steps for filling reconsideration request:

  1. Sign in to your website Webmaster account.
  2. Verify www and non www versions of your website in webmaster account.
  3. View Manual action taken section closely.
  4. Fix all issues which appearing in webmaster account.
  5. Review your backlinks in webmaster account and work on possible unnatural backlinks to remove.
  6. Select ‘Request a review’ for sending reconsideration request to Google.


What does Reconsideration request includes? When you are filling reconsideration request then it is important that you show your efforts. There are major three things, webmasters should consider while filling reconsideration:

  1. Do not forget to explain about issues on your website which affects quality.
  2. What steps you followed for fixing issues/problems to increase quality of our website.
  3. Use Google online Doc to share with Google having backlinks you worked.

As per Google these are the enough steps while requesting Reconsideration. But still there are some points which webmasters should take care:

  1. Precautions while using Disavow tool: Disavow only those links which you tried to remove but do not have control to remove. These links should be unnatural might be created at the time of negative SEO.
  2. Fetch your web content: Once done with optimize pages or removed internal backlinks then use webmaster tool to fetch your pages. This will help you to know if you are still missing some of the opportunities to make changes in webpage.
  3. Reconsideration for non optimized website: When webmasters worked on backlinks then it is also important that prior to filing reconsideration they also optimized onpage website.

Above mentioned steps are helpful revoking your website from penalty. If still your website not revoked then it is require to work somewhere for website.

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