Update Merchant Center Product with Accurate Shipping Charges

While people perform search for finding any product then they are actually searching for best deals for themselves. That time prices are major factor which attracts customer most, so they are much interested in Shopping Ads instead of normal ads. But most of the times they visited to product page price come up with a variation due to shipping charges. Also result of which user get bad experience as well as advertisers get zero ROI. To improve this behavior and create relationship between customers and advertisers, Google introduced Dimensional weight support in Merchant centre helping advertisers to specify most accurate shipping rates to its customers while they are watching Shopping Ads.

Shipping Cost

There are some of the advertisers who are selling product at lowest price than it actual have excluding unexpected delivery charge, which does not make sense. Now a day Google trying to dismiss such Merchant accounts to warn advertisers but not very helpful. So other option is to add your exact shipping price while showing ads to potential customers. Regarding this Google talked with various supporting carriers to know exact prices on which shipping charge varies and came to know that apart from product weight there are three important things on which shipping charges varies.

Google added three new attributes which will be required to know exact shipping price for shipment charges. These attributes will be require updating with product data sheet while uploading in Merchant centre. Those attributes are as below:

  • Shipping Width: This attribute require product width which need to shipment.
  • Shipping Length: This attributes require product length which needs to shipment.
  • Shipping Height: This attributes require product height which needs to shipment.

Once Advertiser will provide all these attribute information in Merchant account then Google will calculate carrier/shipping charges and include them while showing shopping campaign ads to customers. Advertiser can get more trust like a Google Trusted store by doing this and keep visitors back for doing transaction. As this update is optional so if advertisers will try to run diagnosis tab for troubleshooting in Merchant account then missing these attributes will not be counted as error.

Starting today, this facility is available in USA, However soon we expect to see this update in other countries.

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