Unlock HTML5 Opportunity for Building Rich and Engaging Mobile Ads for Google Display Network


Engaging users specially searching over Mobile is always priority of Google, because in coming time Smart phone users will be proactively searching for services & products. On past data basis Percentage of Mobile search users are increasing day by day. This is the reason that Google also trying to target mobile users for display networks. To approach Adwords advertisers Google recently added ability to upload HTML5 ads which are built with Google Web Designers. Below mention is overview, helpful to create HTML5 Ads for Google Display network.

People are regularly connected over their cellphones not only for communication but shopping & surfing too. As per past data research percentage of such users are more than 25% now a days which are using their smartphones or tablets to view web pages. So when an advertiser wants to reach these audiences than they have to create their rich media ads in HTML5; which are suitable to HTML5-compatible environments and not flash compatible only.


In Gallery feature of Adwords it already supports HTML5 ad units which are having some built-in templates. So AdWords can convert uploaded Flash files into identical HTML5 ads in easy way, which can run in places where Flash isn’t supported. But when you want more customization in your Ad or want to create rich media ads more interactive then you can you can upload your HTML5 ads built in Google Web Designer to your Google Display Network campaigns.

Google announced Google Web Designer tool free for now that will help advertisers to create animated & interactive HTML5 Ad units. The best thing is that you don’t require to be a coder.

So now start to create interactive ad units in Google Web Designer, publish them locally as an .html file, and then upload that file as a new image creative in your display campaign. And now you can run customized engaging ad units on various tablets and desktops, smartphones, engaging consumers in more places with interactive ad experiences.

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