Understand 3 Myths and Be Safer Side for Drastic Business Loss in SEO Said Dave Davies

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Are you still focusing on keywords ranking only? If yes then might be your business is on risk. No one believes but it is true that focusing on keyword is not the right strategy of promoting your business. One of the famous blogger “Dave Davies” just given statement of myth about targeting only on keyword focusing.


Myth #1:

I was ranking for some of the keywords which were giving conversion of 7%-8% out of total SEO keywords traffic. I decided to double my keywords and get double of all my website traffic to increase conversion. Result after a year when compared, found there are no double traffic. But conversion was almost with same percentage.

Below were some of the data:

  • Sites & Product pages – Generated approx 6% of conversion rate.
  • Blog– Helpful 1% of total conversion received
  • Documentation – Helpful 2% of total conversion received

So what strategy you thought for increasing conversion and traffic via Keywords does not work always as this depends on lots of other things.



When I decided for some of the keywords to use 40% of keywords were those which my competitors are using. So without knowing weightage and result of those keywords I have blindly focussed on those keywords and now when I am ranking above of my competitor then there are no results in terms of conversions.

But using same keywords my competitor was getting high conversion rate which I calculated later on and I realized that difference set of keywords for different website works separately. As this depends on your website structure as well…



Keywords tool in Google Adwords Keyword planner is there to give you estimate idea about search traffic for particular sets of keywords. I strictly follow same and before finalizing keywords give priority to those keywords which Keyword planner shows with high search volume and Low competing. Again here I use to trust blindly on Google Keyword planner but this time I checked and collected data for targeting keywords. I realize that keywords ranked in top position were actually deriving traffic was different than what Keyword Planner suggested. For some set of keywords traffic was above and for rest of the keywords it was below too, which varied actually 40% – 60% of Keyword Planer Suggestion.


Whatever you thought before starting a Campaign can’t give assurance of 100% satisfaction. But if you are aware with what changes you require and how to do that definitely this can help you to improvise your SEO Campaign and make sure that you are safer side from drastic business loss.

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Shiv Gupta is an Internet marketing professional & Editor at SEMPandit. Beyond SEMpandit, He also provide search marketing consultancy & advice to SMEs & eCommerce based companies.