Twitter Users Can Now Post Videos and Private Group DMs

Twitter’s Group DMs

Finally Twitter announced two new features private group messaging (DMs) and Video sharing. Earlier they rolled out new features “While you were away” Recap and What’s happening?’ box that’s makes twitting easier. This time Twitter’s Group DMs and video sharing features is more user friendly and users really love this. It’s Giving users the power to share their own videos draws a line under what Twitter does best: Capture the here and now.  Before the group DM feature launched, Twitter users could only send private messages to individuals.

Converse with a group, privately

Group DMs brings you together with people you may not have otherwise talked too. Now you can add that Twitter friend to a room with others and have a conversation without worry of others jumping into the conversation.

Capture, edit and share videos right from your Twitter app

Twitter’s video sharing feature will allow you to shoot and edit the content before posting it. Each video can be up to 30 seconds. Smartphone and tablet users can upload videos from the camera by simply tap and hold on the phone’s screen. User can record multiple segments and rearrange them in the order they want for the final cut. Video will not pay atomically in twitter feed, Twitter users need to tap on the videos to play them full-screen mode.

Twitter is rolling out the new video feature to users over the next several days. This feature will allow twitter to give the opportunity to serve the video ads. Users will become accustomed to videos appearing in their streams, which will make it easier to start placing video ads — similar to the strategy that Facebook used on Instagram.


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