Twitter What’s happening? Box, Looks More Like Facebook

Twitter makes tweeting easier

Twitter tries to make tweeting easier with new ‘What’s happening?’ box. This time micro-blogging platform has rolled out a new feature for its Web interface.

Previously this features found on the left hand side, between your profile box and the list of trends, and now it’s found on top of a user’s timeline on the Web interface, is similar to Facebook status update box. Twitter said in an announcement on Thursday “It just got easier to Tweet on . You can now compose new Tweets at the top of your home timeline.” 

 Lets have a look on new updates..

 'What's happening?'

 Look at this it’s quite similar to Facebook Status update Box “What’s on your mind? 


Location of Status Box  looks exactly the same as the location of Facebook’s status box. Twitter’s claim of easier tweeting  with this update but most of the user are not happy . See Here

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