Twitter New Safety Features To Curb Abuse and Improve Safety

Twitter starts tracking phone numbers to prevent its worst users from creating new accounts. Twitter Rolling out a new suite of anti-harassment reporting tools to help it fight abuse and protect users on its site.  However, Twitter didn’t describe the changes in much detail but As per updated changes,  Phone number is necessary for verification method.  Users who receive temporary bans may have to verify an email address or a phone number to resume using Twitter. (Other users can be banned permanently.) Previously twitter allow creating account by using email that is easy to obtain while Phone numbers are harder.  By checking phone numbers against a list of banned users, Twitter could be able to keep more abusers and harassers from creating accounts.

In December, Twitter first began rolling out ways to make it easier to report abuse. See Twitter Rules

In an interview with The New York Times on Wednesday, Costolo discussed Twitter’s hardened new approach to dealing with rampant harassment on the social media site. Costolo specifically addressed a recent memo he sent to employees that bluntly stated, “We suck at dealing with abuse,” stating, “I wanted to really send a wake-up call to the company that we’re going to get a lot more aggressive about it, and it’s going to start right now.”

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo took personal responsibility for the company’s abuse problem, and pledged to pour resources into making things better. Source The Verge

Twitter’s security measures came under fire after a string of high-profile accounts were hacked. Twitter bolstered their security measures by implementing a two-factor authentication process. Last month, however, hackers were still able to weasel their way onto Taylor Swift’s account.

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