Top 5 Factors That Make Your Backlink High-quality

High-quality backlink

Want to improve the rankings of your site? Get good quality backlinks. Backlinks are actually links from other websites to your website. Of course, not all backlinks are the same. Some backlinks contribute nothing to improving the rankings of your website, and then there are others that can do harm to your website by posing a negative impact on your website. This is the main reason why you should pay more attention on getting high-quality backlinks. Various factors are there that make a backlink high-quality. This is such a topic on which not all SEO professionals have the same opinion. If you think that all your backlinks will be of high-quality, then you are wrong as well as unrealistic. Also, if you think that the absence of any one of all the factors that are discussed here will make your backlink low quality, then you are wrong. Here, in this post, the different factors that determine the quality of backlinks are discussed. Read on to know more.

  1. Backlinks from a relevant source

The results that you get when you search something in the search engines are always relevant to the search item. So when they evaluate backlinks, relevancy is one of the most important consideration. The relevancy of a backlink depends on different levels. Search engines consider the relevance of the content directly surrounding the link, the overall relevance of the linking site as well as the relevance of the specific page with the link on it.

  1. Domain age

Experts believe that there is not much difference between a domain that is one year old and the one that is two years old. The trustworthiness of a site is proved when it is seen that the site is older with consistent ownership. Also, in this case, your links will be given a stronger weight.

  1. Synonym/exact match/phrase anchor link text is used

Make sure that the words you have used as anchor links are similar to the keywords that you want to improve your rankings for. This will, no doubt, increase the quality of your backlinks. If there is a number of incoming links that have words that are exactly the same as anchor link text, then it will make the search engines suspicious, as it will look quite unnatural. So in order to avoid this situation, try making a lot of variations.

  1. Authority of the linking domains

Always try to link your website to a high authority site. If you do so, it will give the search engines the impression that it can put your site in the same bracket as those of high-quality sites. It will be even better if the high-quality site that you have linked your website to, shares the same niche as your site. If there are other links on that page that are linked to sites that are of low quality, then that will not mean that your site will be classed as low quality. In that case, search engines may even choose not to count that link as one of the factors in their ranking algorithms.

  1. Link location in content

In the content, the backlinks that are found are basically editorial links. In the eyes of the search engines, these links are of utmost importance. When you are writing a content, if you include the link early in the content, then the search engines consider the link as important. So try to include the link in the main area of the content or at the beginning of the content on that page, as search engines will consider these as high-quality links. And try not to include links in the last paragraph of a content or in the sidebar or footer, as these links will be considered as low quality.

As discussed above, you may think that it is quite hard to get high-quality backlinks, but this is not exactly true. There are many smart and experienced marketers out there who know exactly how to implement these methods and get good quality backlinks. Once you start getting high-quality backlinks, sit back and see how the ranking position of your website improves in the search engine results page and enjoy the increased traffic to your website.

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