The Relevance of Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is one of the tools that are being leveraged by various entities in reaching out to their desired target market and audiences like never before. This is part of a collection of social media platforms that include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, among others, that have revolutionized the way consumers connect with business and among themselves. It is very easy to fail to penetrate your markets or lose your foothold if you are absent where the buzz occurs the most. (Also read “Top 4 Benefits of Having a Social Media Marketing Agency on Board“)

Instagram recently topped 300 million users which has placed it ahead of twitter. This is very significant in as far as it represents consumers in different demographics across the globe. The photo and video sharing platform started out in 2010 as a project by 2 friends. The platform’s like button active every second and averages 2.5 million hits daily. The vast majority of the users fall within the 18-34 year bracket with most of them being youthful, urban women.

Instagram Audience

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Know Your Target Audience

You must be intimate with the identity of your target market in order to better craft a working strategy. This includes discovering what people adore about your brand and what distinguishes you from your competition. You must not just concentrate on existing customers but also look at ways of wooing new ones.

It is also vital that you stay true to your brand. Instagram utilizes images which gives you an excuse to stick to imagery that serves to better define your identity in terms of personality and voice. You must avoid the temptation to be too formal or artificial with your imagery. Instagram allows you to show consumers the world through your eyes. It is a simple, free, and effective way of creating a culture around your business in the most endearing way.

Various tips and tools are available online to help you with everything from the creation for the best profile, configurations such as linking to Facebook and activating Instagram tab on your Facebook, among others. You can also resort to expert services from seasoned professionals if you are in doubt as to your ability to digest the tons of tips. Remember that the size of the service provider is neither here nor there in most cases. The money that you spend in executing your Instagram marketing campaign is a worthwhile investment and not an expense.

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