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Local Call Forwarding

Google Introduced Local Call Forwarding Numbers in Adwords

Google Announced In-App Purchase & App Purchase Audience Targeting Method

People are more and more interested to spend their time over App to communicate and keep entertained themself.

Google Product Listing

Now Product Listing Ad Products will Appear Along with Products at Publisher Website

Google announced extending reach of Product Listing Ad on retail and commerce sites via Google Search Network. 

Googles AdWords Introducing Callout Ad Extensions, Offers Additional Text with Your Search Ads

Google officially announced new ad extension in AdWords called “Callout Ad Extensions”.

How Google Helping You To Win More Clients To Manage Their Online Marketing Campaigns

After reveal 20 important facts to optimize PPC account by SEOWebTouch now sharing some more

Close Variant Matching for All Keywords Will be No Longer from September 2014