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If we are starting a new website or our website ranking are down then we can focus on these Technical SEO Things which is very important. This article is related IT SEO technical thing . Here we are not discussing about Title ,meta tag and content.

URL – in URL always use only Hyphens(-) never use underscore and space in urls.  URls naming should be in small letters only.

Page Size– Focus on website page size if our website page size is around 100 kb then its a very good .you can check your website page size by Small SEO tool ( Matt Cutts also recommend this.

Slow Page Speed – If your website page speed is slow then its also a ranking drop factor. In Google page speed test tool you can check your website page speed. 80 % Score is good .You can check this by this tool (

Duplicate Pages Title and Meta Tag – check duplicate Pages Title and Meta tag, if your System generate automatically duplicate Pages, Title and Meta tag then solve this problem. This is very rare issue . You can check by Screaming Frog tool .

Solve technical Issue – Use daily basis webmaster tool, and weekly basis screaming frog tool and solve all technical issues like 404 pages, duplicate title ,H1, URL, description, missing alt tag, redirection .

Sitemap and sitemap xml – use proper sitemap xml and sitemap html structure. Sitemap xml is for Google and sitemap HTML for user, both are very important.

Robots.txt file – Take a look at all of the directories in your website and check which you want to index in search engine and which pages & directory want to hide from search engine. Most likely, there are directories that you’d want to disallow the search engines from indexing, including directories like /cgi-bin/, /wp-admin/, /cart/, /scripts/, and others that might include sensitive data.

URL Structure – Google don’t like deep URL structure, so if you are making a new site then focus on only two directory structure or you can use root directory structure.
Url Structure – running/ this is bad structure
Correct version –
or Root Level –

Inconsistent header and footer – follow same header and footer for all pages.

Redirection – if you are redirecting your pages then use only 301 redirection.

Check how search engine is crawling our your pages– By SEO-browser tool you can check how Google is crawling your page. If Google first crawling unwanted content or links then remove that. Always use only one H1 tag and put your main heading in this.

Image alt tag – use alt tag in all images.

Java Script – don’t use this in your web pages or angularJS because Google does not crawl angularJS.

Mobile friendly – Google now testing a text version of the mobile-friendly icons in the mobile search results, So Make sure every webpage of the website is mobile friendly.

Tools- Screaming frog, SEO Browser, Google speed test, Webmaster tool, Small SEO tools

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