Replacing “delete” with “remove” in the AdWords Interface Started Reflecting

Google for Adwords

As per post updated by Google, complete changes are done when user will not able to see status as “Delete”. This is now completely replaced with “Remove”.

Google announced these doing changes on July 7th 2014 for better understanding for new advertisers. This is very clear for those who are already familiar with Google Adwords interface but when a new user comes to interface and found that there are campaigns, ads, keywords etc. are available with delete status then it is difficult to identify because this also reflect data.

A compared status window option will be reflected as below for available status:

As July 21st 2014 was the last date for reflecting changes so advertiser going to login from today will found these changes in their Adwords system.


Account Managers, who were using automated scripts for managing their accounts have to make changes in their scripts so that changes reflected on their account will not affect their account performance.

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