Product Rating on Google Shopping Now Available for USA

PLA is about to convert into Shopping Campaign and a gift given by Google team as Product Rating. In earlier Product (Merchant) campaign there was no option to show Product Rating but price & offer with title was the main factor which used to attract visitors resulting increase in CTR. But recently Ratings also started to appear for shopping product search results which is also very helpful to decide a user that which product they should visit on.

So now onwards not only price & offer but you can attract visitors via product rating too. Currently this is available only in USA and soon it should be available worldwide. We can not directly apply this to our campaigns but require filling form or contact with their respective Google Account representative.



Above image shows the idea that how your product will show in search results alongwith ratings. Google team currently given grace period time to and invited to Account Managers or Merchanter to submit their reviews or content on basis of which rating will appear. This grace period is available till October, 2014 and after that Google team decide that which advertiser will get benefit of rating enable facilities on Shopping campaigns.

This is another great update after Dynamic SiteLink Extension update and sure will be helpful to all of you.

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