Now Product Listing Ad Products will Appear Along with Products at Publisher Website

Google Product Listing

Google announced extending reach of Product Listing Ad on retail and commerce sites via Google Search Network.  So every time if any product (in your PLA campaign) will be searched over retailers’ website then there are chances to show your product ad over same page via Adsense (ad unit) placed. Using these way advertisers can get more qualified customers which can leads to sale of products.


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Only some of the small set of commerce and retail publishers currently got the access of AdSense for Shopping in which publisher can show related product ads on his page while visitors are trying to search for particular product. Walmart and some of the publisher website got this access to use for now however Google also inviting to other retailers, if they’re interested in monetizing their website through AdSense by filling up this form.

Why I should use this:

  • If you are advertiser and finding various ways to derive traffic to your website for getting traffic that could lead to sales.
  • Potential qualified visitors who are highly interested to buy product.
  • Impressions over retailer website will not negatively impact on your regular Search Network Shopping campaign as like text Ad over display network does not affect your AdRank over Search Network.

As per Google Team it was already ensured that PLA Campaign will not serve for more and all PLA campaign will be moved to Shopping campaign very soon. As per our experts Adsense for Shopping will be available once PLA will be completely move to Shopping campaign.

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