“No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” Introduced to Prevent from Robot


Everyone wants to save their website from spam and abuses. So captcha helps you to work there for saving your website from robots. For protection purpose Captcha asks to enter some text, most of the time which also restrict genuine users too, because text phrases are really not readable. This moment is really annoyed.


As per recent Google Webmaster update A new captcha which introduced as “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”. Has been launched which differentiate user & robots by accepting a single click.


This has been done by rolling out new API, which is now available for only some of the significant users. Again this will be helpful for verifying users and robots separately with intelligently. This will not let your website visitors unhappy because over desktop visitors, it simply asks whether visitor is user or robot and answer will be just a single click.


Google made captcha also mobile friendly…

When a user visits via mobile device instead of desktop then reCAPTCHA shows a single image with some sets of other image and asks for selecting similar one. By doing this it makes simple to resolve captcha instead of entering meaningless words.

cat_captcha turkey_captcha
So now we can actually solve captcha by single click in more interesting way however most of the people are saying that it must be less annoying than the previous version.

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