New Shopping Campaigns Upgrade Tool Available for PLA Campaign

Google Shopping Campaigns

Google already announced that early in September month all PLA campaign will be automatically upgrade to Shopping Campaign. If it will be converted automatically then most of the settings will be changed and it might be those changes are not appropriate or as per requirement of advertisers. Google assuming that most of the advertisers already started with upgrading their PLA campaigns to Shopping campaign but still there are large number of campaigns which are still pending, So a new upgrade tool is recently introduced which will upgrade your existing PLA campaign to Shopping campaigns. While upgrading via available tool it will make sure that newly created/upgraded Shopping campaign will be having campaign structure and bids based on your regular PLA campaign and historical performance data.

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Below are the step by step procedures to upgrade your PLA campaign to Shopping campaign:

  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. In the “Shopping campaign creation status” column, you’ll see “Not submitted” for the campaigns you haven’t submitted to the upgrade tool. (Note that if you manually created a Shopping campaign to replace a regular Product Listing Ads campaign, the status will still say “Not submitted.”) Click the campaign you want to upgrade.
  3. In the yellow box that says “Create a Shopping campaign from this campaign,” click the Get started button. This opens the Shopping campaign upgrade tool.
  4. Select the status (“Enabled” or “Paused”) you want to set for your existing regular Product Listing Ads campaign and for your new Shopping campaign, once the new campaign is created.

Recently Google also introduced Shipping Configuration Tool Available in Google Merchant Center and other changes too. As most of the settings in PLA campaigns depend upon Merchant account, So it is important to remember that this tool will not work for all PLA campaigns. If this is the case you need to make changes first in Merchant Account feed and then only you would be able to take benefits of Shopping Campaigns Upgrade Tool.

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