Making Each & Every Character/Space Count in Mobile Search Ads

While people are searching for information like finding store location, Flight booking or any other they require immediate response so they all prefer to use Mobile device (Smartphone). Sometimes these Smartphones are having small screen size like 4’ inches due to which visibility of Ads properly is not possible. Also if you are having Ad extension like SiteLink, Location Extension and others associated with Ads, it is again really difficult to create space in search results for those.

Today Google Team announced an improved advanced feature for showing Ads on Smartphone that will be adjust space to show right information to consumer over their small screen size smartphones while they are searching for information. Starting of October 15th, 2014 your Ad extension will not show in 3rd line but might be in 2nd Line which is Description Line 2 of your Ad during search made via Mobile device, kind of Smartphones. So it has been recommended to Advertisers to make sure that they started to change optimize their Ads in a way so that in second line your text Ad will not appear and Ad extension will take place of this.

As soon as this information reached to Advertisers most of them already done with changes and rest of the started to make changes in their Adcopies.


Highlights in Update:

Ad Extensions are helpful when you want to show endorsement with your Ad to customers. And when those customers are searching for you service via Mobile device then there is the possibility to show your Ad extension in Description Line 2 however this is not necessary for always. Some of the Ad extensions are as below which can appear in Desc Line 2:

  • Callout Ad extension to show extra promotion line with scheduling feature as well.
  • Location Extension to show additional Location Icon with nearby visitors’ endorsement.
  • Sitelink Extension show additional page links of your website.

How it will appear:

Let’s take an example for two Ad extensions SiteLink and Location. So when a user is searching via Mobile device and Site Link Ad Extension is eligible to appear in Desc line 2 then it will be appear like as below screen shared.


In same if Location Extension is eligible to appear in Desc line 2 then it will be appear like as below screen shared.

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What to Take Care:

  • Advertisers need to make sure that they are delivering important information in Title & Description Line 1 Ads i.e. total 55 characters (25 for Title & 35 for Desc Line 1)
  • Advertisers require enabling all relevant Ad extensions so that any of them could be able to appear with Text Ads.
  • Advertisers must use mobile preferred ads So that you are already aware that better result can are achievable for mobile search.

Google is continuously updating their product list, So that better result can achieved for Advertisers and Customer will be more interested while using Google.

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