Is Your Shopping Campaign Ready for this Holiday Sale

2014 Holiday season about to start and this is the time when Advertiser can win more and more customers. In earlier days there were Laptops and Computers when people were looking for purchase and this was the reason that purchase was possible only in working hours i.e. 10:00 To 4:00 PM.

Now time has changed and buyers can buy product anytime by using their Mobo device. So this time could be late night after finishing cricket match or during hangout in the party. So increasing the sale is now possible when you know about your audience.

A long holiday is about to come and per Google data it is the best time to be ready with more research on your account so that require changes you can done in your account. For this a Window also created which can give you idea about planning changes in your account. This window generated on the basis of data of year 2013.

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In Above chart, Green marked days showing the days when In Store shopping worked in great way and there was less demand of online products. Same way Red marked days showing when people were more interesting in online shopping and not in In-Store. Last one in Yellow marked days showing when buyers were more interested to shop over Mobile devices.


Result of past Year Analysis:

After taking a deeply analysis of previous traffic analysis it is clear that Online shopping is now new Window shopping where every channel plays an important role to increase sale. YouTube is one of the important channel, which user prefer to view before buying of any products. They want to know that how product viewed in motion and when their friends and other already using. On an average out of 100 buyers a buyer spends approx 20-30mintes over YouTube or other video channels before proceeding to purchase.

So engaging or entertaining your user with other channel like YouTube & Display Ads is evenly important as like showing product Ads to user visits.

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