Important Ranking Factor & Audit for local SEO

local SEO

“To put it in the as much as simplest keyword terms, local SEO is a best process for optimizing a website to appear in local search results.”

The local SEO Keyword ranking factors are different from globally as well as specific country based targeting so you can you squeeze the most value out of your content with using selective keywords hence, your best keywords selection determine best result or ranking over the search engine. I would like to tell you the difference between Local SEO Keywords and country specific targeted keywords. Local SEO keywords are while people searching Dermatologist in Gurgaon, Dermatologist in Delhi and If Global/Country based targeted keywords means there are people searching another terms like Dog food online, Freelance SEO Jobs etc.

As per my experience is concern the entire SEO I have been work on more than 200 websites for audit and consulting that websites was related to E-Commerce, travel, health and few was related to local businesses. The main purpose of this tutorial that what is the exactly local SEO keywords ranking.

Moreover local SEO’s search results are changing more rapidly than any other with the help of below more factors we can squeeze of best ranking increase the visibility in local search results such as-

On page optimization– Factor whereas content is king for SERP’s so use unique, concise, very new as well as informative. Although Meta, tags, landing pages also vital for best results.

Off page optimization– Competitor analysis, current trend following search engine guides, increase domain authority and backlinks means how we can spread our website towards best result for visitors, google places, business verification from google etc.

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