How Google Helping You To Win More Clients To Manage Their Online Marketing Campaigns

After reveal 20 important facts to optimize PPC account by SEOWebTouch now sharing some more important factors that CEO discussed with David Booth in New Delhi on 22nd August 2014.

Starting of the Campaign was great where David Booth discussed lots of client attractions cases and suggest that where an how to convince client when you are managing his/her account, Taking client to in your confidence is not an easy task but you can if you are good to know that what can make really happy to your clients.

Shiv Kumar With David


Mr. Shiv Kumar & his team during the conversation regarding tracking various conversions. As per David Booth it is necessary to understand different kind of visitors’ activities which are happening on your (client) website. If still your were targeting only on conversion than you are missing more than 50% important traffic that could give conversion in future.

As per David Booth such visitors who were on your website but not actually converted are value featured customers and to track them you need to understand the value of your customers. While sharing conversion report with client don’t forget to share your value featured customers report with client as well. Checklists for #7 important points are as below:


Now when you are ready with your checklist then you require knowing that what actually conversions are. As per David Booth we decided to distribute all conversions in to two types of conversions, which are Macro Conversions & Micro Conversions.

  1. Macro Conversions: Conversions which are directly requirement of your clients are actually Macro Conversions like Ecommerce sake, Lead Generation or A Phone call through your efforts.
  2. Micro Conversions:  Conversions which are not actually giving ROI in terms of sale but can be featured customer in coming time like Newsletter Signup, Video view, PDF Download, G+ Follower, Prodcast Download, Image Pin, Coupon Download etc.


As per last comments of David Booth was that when you are taking care of these points then there will never be any complaint of your clients and definitely you will get more referral Business.

Hope to see next discussion visit with another Google experts to shade more light on important factors which are helpful while dealing with clients.

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