Google Webmaster Announced Today, Taking Action Against on European and German Linking Network

Google Webmaster Rules

Google is very strict now than previously it used to be and today clearly announced that he is going to take action against European and German Linking Networks. As per Google Webmaster team websites which were participating in Link schemes will be reviewed and penalize on the basis. However Webmasters will be able to check penalize status in Google Webmaster Tool just after Search Query report.

Some of the Links schemes are defined as below which will be penalize:

  1. Linking To Your Website:

Webmasters participating in such Link Schemes which are using to pass Page Rank only not from quality point of view. Such website will be penalizing from today onwards because these links can distort your search engine results.

Not only text links to other websites but creating links via articles or directories will also be count as spamming activities.

  1. Linking from Your Websites:

Using outbound links on your website also not good, The biggest example of this is Guest Blogging which use links of other website. In previous some video message Matt Cuts already warned many times and now ready to take action against such webmasters & Bloggers.


What to do now:

There are two conditions in which your site will be 1. Already Penalize & 2. Might Penalize in Future.

To keep your website healthy, you must keep reviewing your website in Google Webmaster and check backlinks of website. Any time when you found that there are many unnatural links are showing for your website then try to remove them, So that it will be considered as balanced manner for Natural & Unnatural links. Or if you already penalize then keep removing unnatural links and then file a reconsideration request to Google team via Webmaster Tool.


Would it Be Fine to Hire an SEO Company or Agency:

Sometime Advertisers go for cheap options while finding any SEO company, however this is not good for long term business, because this can cause to hurt your website later on and then you have to pay more amount now than you got SEO done. There are lots of big SEO companies as well but make sure that you select a company like SEOWebTouch who use updated strategy for taking your website up in search results but always consider that your website is not penalizing at any moment.

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