Google Introduced New Adwords Editor 11.0 Tool Free

google adwords editing tool

Google introduced its first Adwords Editor tool in Year 2006 and till now shared many of its Edition. Adwords Editor Tool is helpful for doing Adwords activities fast and efficiently as we can access this offline. Simply saying it is useful to reduce time spent for Campaign Management.

Recently Google introduced another Adwords Editor 11.0 tool, basically designed to save your time by doing work more efficiently. This also allow you to Manage Account & Campaign side by side, which was no possible in previous version.

Adwords Editor 11

Google Adwords Editor 11.0 also allows you to open multiple windows and view different parts of account like you can watch your keywords simultaneously while creating Ads. You can now not only view multiple accounts but manage them simultaneously too. This gives you a look like you are working on Adwords interface not on editor tool.

How Adwords Editor 11.0 is Better?

  • As Adwords Account Grow day by day that makes it typical to handle, So in Adwords 11.0 a new panel for selecting type list. This makes you helpful for managing account without navigate to different tabs.


  • Advance Search bar also created to perform multiple searches in Account. Also when you want to perform same search again & again, you can save it for future search perform.


  • Shared Library option also upgraded, so that you can assign various bid strategies & SiteLinks to different campaigns and AdGroups.


  • Still Adwords Tool it was not possible to check Change History but in Adwords Editor 11.0 it makes easy to use UnDo & ReDo with customize changes.

Undo Redo

Start using Adwords Editor 11.0 today & get better experience than best!

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