Google Display Network Presenting Better Way to Reach Potential Leads For Your Business

Its been long time approx 5 years since advertisers using interest category for finding potential customers over Google Display Network and it was a successful way to reach for customers. This targeting was not limited but Google enhanced it by including more category timely which are Affinity (for enthusiasts), Custom Affinity (for niche segments) and in-market audiences (for ready to buy shoppers).

Google was able to deliver sophisticated audience tool which gives you more control and flexibility. This is the reason that Google is removing “Other Interest” targeting option for existing as well as for new advertising campaign. However this is not applicable instantly but from January 15, 2015 onwards it will not be available to target over Google Display Network.

So final available list of targeting audience will be as below:

  • Affinity Audience: These are the targeting audiences which are related and interested in Brand of Advertisers. To target such audiences Advertisers more focus on Branding.
  • Custom Affinity Audiences: In this targeting audience Advertiser uses to retarget user who are already aware with your brand and custom lists their interest to find out relevant Fans. This targeting is quite helpful when you want to increase your social network.
  • In-Market Audiences: Before purchasing any product or availing service customers actively search for reviews, compare prices and finding feature. These are the very important targeting when you really have products which you want to show to most relevant potential customers. When you are targeting In-Market Audience then it is recommended to bid more aggressively over Google Display Network as Conversion Rate is very high for such audiences.


Image Source – Google

This update has not been publically shared yet but will be available soon to Advertisers via Blog Post & Emails.

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