Google AdWords: Updated Billing Tab With More Options

google adwords

Google updates his Billing tab with more options today which is notified by email in this morning. The announcement was not officially, but notified via email.  The new updated Billing tab comes with a number of benefits with more control and features.

What can you expect from your updated Billing tab?

Access your invoices : This feature will allow advertisers to access and download invoices in PDF or CSV format. It can be done by visiting billing tab>>invoice number >>Documents and select format option (pdf or csv) from drop down menu, then click the invoice number to download it.

Set up email invoice delivery : Invoice delivery features will allow advertisers to have your PDF invoices emailed to you and anyone else who should receive them. Email invoice delivery only work if that email address verified. If it hasn’t been verified, you’ll see “Pending verification” next to the address. Google can’t email invoices to any address that isn’t verified. So its advertiser’s responsibility to keep recipients and addresses up to date.

Edit or create budget orders : Use the Orders page to create new orders and to edit the amount and end dates of your active or pending orders. Click the links in the “Actions” column to edit or end your order. To create a new order, click the “New budget order” button.

You can also print a summary of your order by clicking the order name and then clicking the “Print order details” link in the upper left. To know more about billing tab visit here

If you don’t have the updated Billing tab yet, then Google will give you the opportunity to upgrade soon.

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