Google Adwords introducing Dynamic Sitelinks

As Google always try to show more and more endorsement for paid Ad, A new feature extension introduced which is Dynamic Sitelink. This Sitelink started to appear from today onwards however we do have option to opt out this by contacting to Google team after filling this form.

This Dynamic Sitelink will appear on both campaign type “Search Network Only” & “Search Network with Display Select” and without doing extra changes. A view of this extension will be appearing as below:

Dynamic Sitelink Extension Adwords

Dynamic Sitelink uses content available on your high relevant landing page and show to those users who are randomly searching for any related query, most probably for comparison.

Some of the benefits of Dynamic Sitelink are as below:

  1. Regular/Standard Sitelinks not require.
  2. No extra changes require, generates automatically.
  3. Cover maximum coverage of your Sitelink space.
  4. User clicking on Dynamic Sitelink is free, however you will be charged for clicks on the headline of your ad and other extension.

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