Google Adwords Conversion Update Clear & Faster Now

Checking all your conversions in Adwords are now clear to adviser when trying up to set new one. In past days after placing conversion pixels over web was easy but tracking that whether it is placed or not on right way was not clear. For confirming this thing advertisers had to wait for any conversion or pass some test conversions.

In Conversion tab, Google already suggest some info like when was last conversion made but recently added new noti fication status which tells that when and what time conversion pixel was found over conversion tracking page. Last conversion recording data was as usual available on conversion speech bubble.

Not only existing but when placing a new conversion will record same thing even data will be available within 30-60 minutes. So while passing test conversion for tracking purpose, you just need to wait only 30-60 minutes and you can confirm whether conversion pixels took place on right way or not.

Conversion Pixels

As you can find out conversion report in more easy and clear manner, you can also get detail report soon like ”search funnel reporting” which includes ”last click interaction”, ”Time lag” report and more.

All above feature will improve your Analysis time even you are starting with a new business or updating information over existing pages.

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