Get Ready with Campaign Strategy for Valentine Day

After New Year shopping festival another day is coming when customers will be around web to search gifts/goods for their loved one. So countdowns begin for advertisers to get ready with their campaign for Valentine and attract more as more customers they can. If they will not come with new ideas on this season then might be they will miss opportunity to increase sales.

Most of the advertisers think that as this is Valentine and only boys & girls will be customers in market who will be searching for buying products, so it may be that their product/services are not related to them. But this is the time when advertisers needs to be more smarter and think creatively and require to merge their ideas with available Google Adwords feature available.


Creativity in Text Ads:

If an advertiser is having a gym and targeting audience is boy & girls who are looking maintain their fitness or want fitness instructor, then adcopy for those can include “offer membership to their loved one with discount”.

So by this creativity advertisers are enough clever to participate in such event as well as easily get retention of target audience. It will also recommend to advertisers including an expiry date offer by using Customized Ad Text for good CTR.


Creativity in Display Ads:

Valentine day is such event where visual displaying ads get more response than any text ad. So advertisers need to plan creativity not only for search but display ads as well. Sometimes problem comes with advertiser for getting any image available is that advertiser can not get exact creativity in banner while sharing his thoughts with web designer. So it is better to use Google Web Designer tool to build engaging ads. This tool is free and advertisers do not require having technical skills to relate with coding.


Placement of Creative Ads:

Once advertisers are ready with their offer and creativity then it is require to place ads on such placement where potential customers visits during Valentine events. So Advertisers need to find placement by help of Display planner alongwith such placement ideas where valentine day gift or deals are available. They can also use their Analytic report for finding past customer behavior and decide targeting.

Get High Sales: Finally you have audience with a creativity planning to increasing sales. But unless you are not having landing page design as per creativity then there is no use of all such activity. So better to design your landing page for get a high ROI on spend.

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