Future of Videos for Brand Advertising with 360 Degree Video Ads

As video has the power of showing motion, sights and sounds, it attracts more users than an Article, Blog or Press news doing. But it is great to put more light on your video so that your video will strike out from the clutter. Google introduced today 360 degree video ads to deliver richer experience to it’s viewers/audience.

Target audience will be having a great experience with 360 degree video Ads in a new way which helps for more engagement as well as create Brand awareness. This new 360 degree video Ad is available in YouTube app, Chrome, Android and iOS. Audience who are experience 360 degree video on their mobile can explore each and every angle of video by moving their phone with shifting POV 360 degree (left – right & up – down). In same way viewers can get richer experience of video at every angle by dragging their mouse.


Who are in 360 Degree video Advertising and Success Rate?

At present there are some limitations for 360 Degree video Ads advertising so experiment done with some of the big brands where Coca-Cola and Nike are also participated. They are having stunning videos for viewers where Coca-Cola celebrating its 100th anniversary of iconic bottle designs. Advertising done in in-stream video ads, view-through rate increase by 36% which is quite impressive.

In USA Bud Light is the first advertiser launched 360 Degree video running in True View ads. They have organized a series of three different events.

Where 360 Degree video Ad can show richer experience?

It is better to view any surface from all side which gives you more interaction. The best example is like you are skydiving and that time you want to have more experience with different side views of your position. Another example is that suppose you are watching a match from front row but what if you want to have experience of match from different angle which might give better view than sitting in front row.

How to Create 360 Degree Video Ads?

Creating 360 Degree ads is not as simply creating like other video ads but it requires using 360 degree cameras. Some of the cameras are already launched or about to be launched which are Ricoh Theta, Giroptic 360cam, Kodak SP360 and IC Real Tech Allie. Once you have such cameras with you and created the video. There are some series of steps which requires of uploading the videos to desktop Chrome.

How to Create 360 Degree Video Ads Campaign?

Since it is new tool launched for 360 video advertising it is recommended to get help of your Google sales representative, however it is easy to setup campaign in Google Adwords.

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