Ecommerce Advertiser Attention: Your Product Listing (PLA) Ad is Going to Stop Serving Over Google


In Mid of August month Google Adwords team announced about new shopping campaign upgrade tool and now recently announced that it will not be possible to show Ads via PLA campaign after August 2014. Advertisers who are not very active but concern about their merchant centre Ads require updating their PLA campaign to Shopping Campaign. If you have done this then you all are set but if not then this could be last call for you. Some unwanted changes in your PLA campaign which might not let you happy and affect your business sale will be as below:

  1. Phase 1: Functionality of Regular PLA campaign will be Limited:

In very first phase you will not be able to edit below setting for current running PLA campaign:

  • Product Targeting: Location targeting to serve Ads will not be change so long in PLA campaign.
  • Max CPC Bid: Maximum amount that you already decided will not be able to change, so you would not be able to auction in because enabling increase/decrease bid will not be able to do so.
  • Promotional Text: To get extra attention of customer, promotional text used by Advertisers will not be able to edit in regular PLA Campaign.
  • Destination URL: Landing Page url will not be able to change in PLA Campaign.

What you can do in PLA Campaign: Till your regular PLA campaign will be active, advertiser will be having below option to control till your PLA campaign is not going to auto upgraded to Shopping campaign.

  • Status: you can change status of PLA campaign to Enable, Pause and Removed; So that you can control that what to serve.
  • Budget/Spend: You will be having control on budget that how much you can spend.


  1. Phase 2: Auto Upgrade to Shopping Campaign:

Regular campaigns which are receiving impressions only from past some weeks will be auto upgraded to New Shopping campaign. Campaign structure of upgraded Shopping campaign will remain same as PLA campaign. Advertisers will receive email notification once their PLA campaigns will be auto upgraded to Shopping campaign.


As per Google Adwords team this is a final reminder for Advertisers and recommendation that they should not wait for auto update and use available upgrade tool right now to update their PLA campaigns to Shopping campaigns. To know more about New Shopping Campaigns Upgrade Tool, read our previous post by click here.

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