Customized Text Ad, Specially Designed For Holidays Seasons

Ad customizer is special feature which was introduced few months back and available for only premier customers like Elite SEM, Clarks USA, SEOWebTouch and some more. But now a day Google recently announced that this feature is available now for all accounts. As per Google says Ad Customizer is holiday season gift for Advertiser who actually giving discount till date but do not have time to create Ad daily basis. Ad Customizer shows your discounted Ad till the end of last second of your sale. This can be inserted dynamically in your text ad and show various change in your ad every time (when time is close for your end of sale).


Idea to new Countdown Widget:

As holiday season is very close and many companies are creating their Adwords campaign ready holiday season but Advertiser has no time to manage these account regular basis. When Advertisers showing Ads to visitors then potential customer really wants to know that how much time is left for discount like 4 Days, 2 Days, 10 Hours or etc. Everytime when user saw Ad then now it is possible to include Text Ad with these customizations. This can help you to attract customers till last moment of your sale in real time.


How Ad Customizer works:

Suppose you are an Advertiser and offering discount till last of ending Year 2014 then you can include Countdown widget in Adwords campaign. This can be setup by simply typing “{=“anywhere in Title, Description line 1 or Description Line 2 of text Ads in Ads tab. Once you will type “{=“in text Ad then it popups with some information asking as below:

Countdown Ends: The last day of your discount offering day including time ending in 24-Hours time format. This ensures that your Ads are not serving after the day your discount season ended.

Coutdown Starts:  This asks to enter number of days prior an Advertiser wants to show Ad customizer to their potential customers like 5 days prior or early.

Using Ad customizer, Now Advertisers are ready to get more potential customers and attract them with real time information for daily offers, discounts as well as any hottest deals for your products.

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