Consolidated Billing, Rolling Out by Google for Adwords MCC Users

Over this weekend Google announced a new billing system for Adwords account users who are managing MCC (My Client Centre) accounts. This new Billing system called AdWords Consolidated Billing in which it allows to combine multiple account invoices to single invoice.


Using Consolidated Billing you will have more accessibility & control over billing feature.

Find some of them are as below:

  1. Now you don’t need to contact Google representative every time when you want to allocate budget or managing Adwords existing budget even you are creating a new account too.
  2. You will be having more control on structure of invoices like you want single invoice or multiple invoices per brand/division/country etc.
  3. Improved invoices that show spend for multiple accounts and are available for download in your account at the beginning of the month.
  4. Invoice mail & download option will be available for MCC account users at the beginning of month.

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Availability of Consolidated Billing:

This feature is not currently available in all accounts but Google started to roll out same and soon it will be available for all existing and new account users by the end of year 2014. Account users will receive a notification when this feature will be available for account users.

So now Google also making billing easier for Agencies as well!

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