Close Variant Matching for All Keywords Will be No Longer from September 2014

Customers over internet are not perfect typist as they made mistake many times. As per Google Data collected there are approximately 7% users over internet are not perfect and made typo error for while searching. But these people are still potential customers looking for specific product or websites. This is the reason Advertisers don’t want to loose this kind of traffic and also wants to show Adcopies while Search Query having typo error.

Close variant setting is campaign level setting thus automatically applies on overall adgroups. Most of the Advertisers were happy with using this setting available as they were getting leads on typo error search queries (Low search Volume Keywords), while paying less on every click.


After receiving many success stories from big advertisers like Shopify, Underground Elephant, Stitch America, SeoWebTouch and many more Google Adwords team decided to remove this setting from September month onwards. Due to this Google team ensures that below #2 points will be in favor of Advertisers.

  1. Reach More Customers: As there will be no option to opt close variant from campaign level it would be beneficial to show adcopies to those visitors who are interested in product buying but doing typo error. Adwords system will identify such visitors and work more closely to show ads to such users.
  2. Control with Less complexity: Due to close variant option absence now advertisers donot require to create huge list of misspelled keywords. So they can directly proceed to work with existing setting without facing complexities.

Advertisers still worried that if they will be getting clicks for close variant keywords which might not be helpful, Google Adwords team recommend them to use such (mis-spelled) keywords as negative keywords.

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