Celebrate your Birthday on Twitter with Hashtag #HBD

Celebrate your Birthday on Twitter with Hashtag #HBD

Every day, millions of people celebrate the important events in their lives on Twitter — from public events like the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that ignited #LoveWins to more personal ones like a friend’s birthday. The social network Twitter announced an option for users to set their birth date in his profile and have it appear on their twitter profile.  After updating your profile Twitter will know when your birth date is, so it can shower you with animated balloons (yay!), and better target you with ads (boo!).

Take a look at Kevin Hart (@KevinHart4real) birthday which was on 6th July.


To add your birth date to your Twitter profile, choose the “Edit profile” option on Twitter.com. Your birth date is a completely optional part of your profile and you have full control over who can see it.

Twitter's birthday visibility settings


Twitter Says It Will Use Your Birthday To Target You With More Relevant Ads

By updating these features on your profile you can also choose who sees the birth date information public like open to followers or restricted to themselves only. But for Twitter, there is no matter the privacy level you set, Twitter will use your birth date information for marketing purposes to show you more relevant content, including ads to boost his revenue (a note in its support database confirms it.). It measn you are making your self an easier target and inviting twitter advertisers to show his ads for marketing purpose.

Last week Twitter introduced new audience insights for brands that allowed them to choose groups of users — including millennials, seniors, college grads — at which to target their ads. To work out which categories users fall into, Twitter could either do careful analysis, trying to work out what they tweet about, who they interact with, and their topics of interest.


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