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August 22, 2017 – The Day Google Rolled Back the ‘Possum’ Algorithm Update

Wondering what’s up with local search rankings lately? Columnist Joy Hawkins shares everything on searchengineland about the ‘Hawk’ update, which seems to have killed some of the changes we saw with Possum in late September 1, 2016. This time it was a strictly-local update, which means that it had no impact on the non-local organic results.

Why You Should Hire SEO Professional

Why You Should Hire a SEO Professional and Stop Doing SEO Yourself

It is not that easy to manage your SEO task yourself. After reading a few articles on SEO, if you think that you know everything about SEO, then you are wrong. There are many aspects of search engine optimization and only a pro knows how to manage everything. Here are some compelling reasons why you should stop doing your SEO yourself and hire a professional.

local SEO

Why You Should Go For Local SEO : Top 7 Reasons

Are you an accountant, builder, plumber or a florist? Well, your business can benefit a lot with local search engine optimization or local SEO. You can get local SEO services from a myriad of digital marketing agencies out there. But before we move forward, do you know what local SEO exactly is?

High-quality backlink

Top 5 Factors That Make Your Backlink High-quality

Want to improve the rankings of your site? Get good quality backlinks. Backlinks are actually links from other websites to your website. Of course, not all backlinks are the same. Some backlinks contribute nothing to improving the rankings of your website, and then there are others that can do harm to your website by posing a negative impact on your website.

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Understand 3 Myths and Be Safer Side for Drastic Business Loss in SEO Said Dave Davies

Are you still focusing on keywords ranking only? If yes then might be your business is on risk. No one believes but it is true that focusing on keyword is not the right strategy of promoting your business. One of the famous blogger “Dave Davies” just given statement of myth about targeting only on keyword focusing.

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Important Ranking Factor & Audit for local SEO

“To put it in the as much as simplest keyword terms, local SEO is a best process for optimizing a website to appear in local search results.”