Avoid 7 Common Mistakes When Going Mobile-friendly


Search giant Google has published  a guide that outlines the 7 most common mistake they find Webmasters make when they try and get their websites mobile-friendly.

Here is 7 Common Mistakes give below..

  1. Blocked JavaScript, CSS and image files – read more
  2. Unplayable content – read more
  3. Faulty redirects – read more
  4. Mobile-only 404s – read more
  5. App download interstitials – read more
  6. Irrelevant cross-links – read more
  7. Slow mobile pages – read more

Google also announced the list on twitter.

Only a few days left make your sites mobile-friendly, so get to it now. start with the tips above and go down the list. Once you’ve fixed some of these common mistakes, you should be able to see clearly other things you can do to enhance your efforts. (Read also – 5 Quick Tips to follow When Going Mobile-Friendly )

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Shiv Gupta is an Internet marketing professional & Editor at SEMPandit. Beyond SEMpandit, He also provide search marketing consultancy & advice to SMEs & eCommerce based companies.