August 22, 2017 – The Day Google Rolled Back the ‘Possum’ Algorithm Update


Wondering what’s up with local search rankings lately? Columnist Joy Hawkins shares everything on searchengineland about the ‘Hawk’ update, which seems to have killed some of the changes we saw with Possum in late September 1, 2016. This time it was a strictly-local update, which means that it had no impact on the non-local organic results.

What was the Possum update?

For those of you wondering what “Possum” is, it’s the name suggested by Phil Rozek. This massive Local algorithm update that happened September 1, 2016,  pointing out that it is fitting since many business owners think their Google My Business listings are gone, when in fact they are not. They have just been filtered — they’re playing possum.

What new in this update?

The update, which she have dubbed “Hawk,” was a change to the way the local filter works. To get some history here, Google actively filters out listings from the local results that are similar to other listings that rank already. Basically, Google picks the most relevant listing of the bunch and filters the rest. It’s very similar to what they do organically with duplicate content.

The filter has existed for a long time to help ensure that multiple listings for the same company don’t monopolize the search results.  Google rolls out several updates every day and he is still filtering listings that share an address/building street etc. So don’t get too excited about this update if you are using virtual office.  The great news is that it looks like the competitor down the street no longer has the ability to filter you – GREAT NEWS!

Image Credit: searchengineland

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