Are You & Your Website is Ready for Mobile Friendly Algorithm Update?

Have you made required changes in your website? Answer may be Yes or may be No. But still some suggestions that you might missed before you feel relax.

So the Time is finally over when website was require being mobile friendly and now when you are sleeping it might be your business website traffic gets down due to mobile search ranking fall. But this is not surely happening because rolling out started and it can take time to cover all available websites to being impact.

There are some questions for which advertiser still may require being aware as follow:

Q: Mobile Friendly Algorithm released or it takes time?

A: Algorithm already launched on 21st April 2015 but it will take some time for complete take place.


Q: What impact will take place once Mobile Friendly Algorithm update?

A: Once Algo take place it will boost ranking of mobile – friendly webpages in Google mobile results.


Q: What about Desktop search results? Will it hurt?

A: Only mobile search results will impact, and desktop searches will be as usual.



Q: What about Tablet search results? Will it hurt?

A: Only Mobile (smart phone) search will impact.


Q: How can I check that my website is mobile friendly?

A: There are lots of free testing tool available (provided by Google), which can tell you that how your web pages are mobile friendly.


Q: Should I need to make all WebPages mobile friendly or only those which I want to get ranking in SERP.

A: It is recommended that every webpage, which is having desktop version must also have mobile-friendly version too.

Q: Is this real time Algorithm update?

A: Mobile Friendly Algorithm is real time update, but as I have mentioned above it can take time to pick your website but sure to pick.


Q: What about Google News, Local Results, Videos, Images etc? Will they also hurt?

A: Only Core web search results will be impacted due to this Algo update, However other results will remain same and follow separate Algo updates.


Q: Will my Adwords results impact?

A: Paid search follow separate rules so they will not.


Above listed Answer must help Advertisers to understand that where they should still worry about their website traffic or they need to take action for any point. Google countdown ended but still there are some space.

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