Any Newbie in Google Adwords must Consider Some Major Practices


Spending money in Adwords is quite necessary when Advertiser has big number of goals to achieve in a very short span of time. However now a days Advertisers are quite impressive with new expendable Ads launched which covers almost full preview on Google Search. So almost everytime when a user wish to see organic result then he has to scroll SERP and over the next screen, he will be able to see organic results. So in case advertisers have any quite impressive offer, which any of the visitors can not neglect could be a reason to divert on website and get lead for their business.

However representing related offer is not only the way of doing Google Adwords advertising but there are some more suggestions, which must take care while starting with any new Google Adwords account. Out of thousands of tricks / suggestion three major suggestions are as below which should always consider while you are new one in Google Adwords advertising.

  1. Search Term Report:

Anyone starting with Adwords campaign is well aware with Keywords match which are “Broad”, “Phrase”, “Broad Match Modifier” & “Negative”. Using these keywords match type, running Adwords is quite easy where we can target relevant information. But since daily search query over Google changed at a level of 15%-20% which cause we may lose potential customer if unable to track. So in Adwords it is quite necessary that you are tracking all searches made by users, who actually visited to your website.

You can do that by following below steps:

Step 1: Logged in to your respective Google Adwords campaign

Step 2: Look for the Search campaign / Adgroup which you want to review for search term report.

Step 3: Select Keywords Tab

Step 4: Select Search Term sub tab

search term report


Above step will show you actual search term which actually user searched before reaching to your website. Now you can collaborate search term with keywords and find out which search term best suits to your business and bid more for same.

Also find which are not related to your business add them as negative, will be saving your amount. This general strategy will be helpful for day to day activities which allow you to optimize campaign in better way.

  1. Creating Gmail Ads:

This new format of ads in Gmail allows you, showing display ads to audience in email format. This recently introduced by Google Adwords to show ads when you have some database of gmail / googlemail accounts. It is quite effective and impressive when someone actually checking their emails (which people usually do without fail almost everyday or within 3-4 hrs in a day)and in promotion tab there ad will be appearing with attracting subject line.

Since this is recently launched ad and does not have much competition, it costs very minor than any other display advertising. Below mention are some basic steps to follow in creation of Gmail ads:

Step 1: Create a new campaign with display network

Step 2: Select domain targeting to trigger ads for design audience.

Step 3: Create Adroup in Display network with targeting audience (need to generate in shared library with email ids).

Step 4: Create Ad from Ad Gallery.

Step 5: Select Gmail Ads.

expanded ad formats : Gail

There are 5 types of gmail ads which are beneficial for different type of targeting audience as per domain service being offered.

  1. Low Rank keyword targeting:

As above said we have search query changed everyday, so everytime if we are good in measure most right searched query and targeting them into our Adwords, then this can be very helpful for any business success.
Google Adwords give option to link Adwords account with Google Webmaster & Google Analytics account. By linking of all accounts together we can have all search term data available in Google Adwords. After analyzing search term data we can find out user behavior and generate keywords to target in Adwords. At starting these keywords will be low rank but since users are searching for these terms can give high conversion rate at very low cost.



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