A Blueprint to Turn Leads into Customers with Social Media

Social Media for Lead generation

How do you convert leads into customers and sales? What can you do to move off the crowd and get people to notice what you say?

The answer is Social Media Marketing. Businesses that engage in effective social media marketing are already in the move towards making better prospects. An influential online presence is crucial to successful online marketing campaign, and social media plays a pivotal role in

A strong online presence is crucial to successful online marketing, and social media plays a huge role in giving that strength. However, social media can do even more than this.

When it comes to convert leads to customers, social media has been an impetus to convert social leads to sales and always keep them coming back for more. To turn a real social ROI, below are outlined some of the key methods for converting leads with social media.

Gated Contents to Publish

It is engaging content that drives people to come, read and share. An excellent piece of marketing content must be published behind a gate. You may wonder what gate is! It is an online form that users must fill out with their name and email address before accessing the content. Social media marketing is perfect for gated content because it lets you know the psychology of your potential clients. When you post content to any of the social media platform, any individual who clicks your link already proves that they want to view the content. This way if the content is presentable, prospective readers will willingly enter their name and email address to see it.


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Use of Promo Code

It is a great way to include a promo code in any of your social media profile image. Whether it is your Twitter background or Facebook cover photo, company’s profile image can be an ideal location for promo codes. Interested leads will be encouraged to become your customers. Indeed, codes are extremely useful in social media because are the direct way to measure ROI.

Giving Social Proof

If you want more and more customers to sign up for your business, you have to prove them that others are quite satisfied with you by providing them social proofs. Before considering a product or service, it’s extremely useful to show them that most of the people are already utilizing it. This kind of social proof can be available in the form of reviews, testimonials or endorsements from leading peers in your field.

To get proofs, you can ask satisfied customers to write a review or share their personal experience that you will show on your website. You can even ask them to like your social media page or post a few lines about your product on their social media pages. This will be enough for you to give your prospects the idea that you have something great to offer. This way your customers will provide you with some kind of credibility and help potential leads to convert to customers.

Prove Your Expertise

One of the ways to set yourself apart is to establish your position as an expert within your field. Social media is a great way to express your skill. Publishing and sharing content online is an effective way to increase lead generation. Finding a tweet will promote your content and share it. You can even make your content visuals for Pinterest. Also optimizing site and blog for mobile viewers will add to your efficiency. You are one always one-step ahead when you share relevant contents with prospects.

Social ads for More Leads  

Paid advertisement on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. can help you generate leads. Use Facebook ad to generate traffic to your website. Creating ad on LinkedIn linking to a lead generation is also effective in turning leads to sales. Promote offers and makes engaging ads for Pinterest pins.


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