6 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2015

Social media marketing trends 2015

“Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard These lyrics from a Coldplay song perfectly explain the current state of social media and its implications.

Many businesses, both large and small have successfully leveraged social media marketing (SMM) to achieve their goals in terms of branding, engagement, traffic and revenue. Facebook in particular has been a major channel in their SMM strategy. The double digit growth of Facebook’s ad revenues speaks for itself.

However, the only constant is change. The rapidly evolving consumer behaviours, cross platform interactions and increasing competition is pushing marketers to constantly evolve and optimize their strategy.

1) Fish where the fish are.

Step out of your comfort zones. Look in strange places. Modern marketers should not confine their strategy to particular networks in the hope that they would work for their business too. For an example, you can compare the number of fans of Salman Khan (Actor) and Salman Khan (Educator-Khan academy) on Facebook and Quora respectively.

2) Visuals will dominate

The massive success of platforms like Instagram, Pinterest , Google+, Tumblr , Youtube and  the upsurge of “selfies” are reinstating the fact that showing works more than telling. The exponential growth of videos and photos being watched, liked and shared is here to stay. Visually creative brands are sure to catch more eye balls this year.

3) Less will be more

Quality will win over quantity. Gone are the days when posting multiple times a day was cool. Keep in mind that you are dealing with amplified competition, reach based on relevancy and engagement and increased options. Make sure to strike out a balance as there’s a fine line between being informative and being annoying. In a recent report published by socialbakers, the average number of posts per day by top brands for 3 months was 1 post per day.

See the full report here


4) Content will be more important than ever

Content marketing isn’t just the future, it’s the present. We have heard it all before- Growth hacking, Inbound marketing, SEO, PR, PPC and so many other buzzwords,  are all insignificant without a winning content strategy. The art of selling without selling will rule. Marketers need to ensure their messages are clear, helpful, concise, consistent and personalised over all platforms.

5) Free? Not anymore

We have seen how businesses are being forced to approach Facebook marketing- the drop in organic reach and the announcement of plans to reduce promotional content coming from brands in the news feed clearly reflect a path that other networks may eventually end up following. In 2015, we will witness an exceptional rise of paid media

6) Mobile will take over

(Hasn’t it already?)


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