6 Instagram Marketing Tips to Build Authority in Your Niche

Instagram Marketing

Do you know how to use Instagram for marketing your business? Do you get interaction with your prospect? Do you know how to get more Instagram followers?

Here are some tips that will help you get started. To make the most out of your customer interactions on Instagram, your images and descriptions need to be prominent and your marketing strategy should be clear and specific.

In this article you can read out Instagram marketing tips to catapult your sales and keep your business going.

1. Develop a Stand Out Image

Before you initiate, think considerably how you want to set up your standpoint on your page. The right way of placing your product is the key to drive more sales and conversion from social marketing tools.

Once you have your product image, use Instagram image editing app like VSCO Cam to make photos look visually appealing, sharper and clearer. Remember that you want to display the real image of products to your customers, so never try any image trick in social selling.

Check out how dark this photo was:


I used VSCO to adjust the exposure:


Try the Instagram Layout app to showcase one product in variety of ways. The app works wonder by combining multiple images in one single image. Try out this app to expose your product from different angles which is most common these days in fashion and jewelry business world.

Introducing Layout from Instagram Instagram Blog

Image Credit: instagram

2. Give Catchy Product Descriptions

Giving a product description is important to let people know what you are selling, but it is also important to grab the attention and interests of potential customers with your descriptions. One way to do that is to use emoticons to spice up your description. They must be relevant and expressive that better describes your product

3. Post by Mixing Videos and Photos

It is one of the best marketing tips to mix up your Instagram posting by including videos in combination with photos.

The fact is that a video can effectively generate four times more inbound links than written posts. Utilise this valuable tool to engage fans, increase your following and drive traffic. As we know Instagram is all about visual storytelling, and with videos you can actually add life to your story.

4. Associate with Influencers

You can increase sales by associating with Instagram influencers to get in touch with audience that target your products and services. From search and discovery, you can build up the relationship in the marketplace.

In the evolving marketplace, people are discovering new products from the social media sites. It is time to be precise and clearly define your own Instagram marketing so you stand out from the crowd.

5. Your Bio Link:

Instagram is a fun and spontaneous when you for personal use, But you have to be a little more calculating with Instagram when you are using as marketing tool for your business. Always use the link in your bio to connect to a landing page that holds the same posts you put on Instagram, and allows you to collect leads, promote your ecommerce site, gain subscribers to your blog, collect entries for a giveaway, etc.

Instagram photos and videos

Image Credit : Instagram/giasaysthat

6. Add Hashtags to Promote Product Visibility

Hashtags are the latest trend that increases your product’s visibility on Instagram. You can explore the various Instagram’s features to view the top hashtags for your prospect, and then use them in your social marketing campaign.

Always use your own hashtag. Do a regular search for hashtags and then consider putting the best photos or videos from your circle on your own platforms.

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