3 Concern Areas That Can Affect Your Web Analytics Results

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For maintaining the long term association with your customers and to keep your growth momentum intact, it is necessary to monitor your customers from time to time. It will keep you updated about the changing moods, behaviour and preferences of your targeted customers and will guide you about the changes that you need to implement. Although, it is a complex task but the emergence of heat map tools like Crazy Egg, Mocking Fish, Click Tale and such others have made this crucial task an easy cake walk. However, there are certain areas that can act as a spoilsport in this task of analysis and monitoring. These particular areas are as follows:

  • Metrics like click- through rates and cost- per- click- These are two important parameters that helps in improving conversion rates for a business organization. You need to keep a track on these metrics through any heat map based analytics tool. By closely monitoring it, you can get valuable insight about whether your click- through rates or cost- per- click campaigns are actually resulting in conversion rates or not. If they are unable to fulfill this criteria, they are as good as nothing. So, monitor these parameters and take corrective steps if they are not yielding desired results.

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  • Ineffective conversions through paid ads- In a business, it is important that your operating cost is less than the return on investment (ROI) so that you can run your business endeavors efficiently. It is important to know and track your paid marketing campaigns on social media, search engines or other such mediums through web analytics tools so as to determine if your paid efforts are actually returning favorable results for your business or not. If the efforts are not encouraging, you need to track the faulty areas of your campaigns and make necessary changes in the required areas.
  • Conversion through multiple channels- As, you are using multiple mediums for increasing your sales, it is important to track and analyze all these marketing channels so as to get a fair idea about their collective efforts in increasing your conversion rates. For this purpose, you need to take the help of any heat map based analytics tools. Further, along with the statistics reports of these tools, you should also retarget your customers again through active customer interaction and communication.

So, keep your focus on these three factors so as to improve the results of your web analytics tools. Inaccurate results will hinder you from taking corrective steps to improve your sales and will affect the growth prospects of your business organization. Moreover, if you are not aware about the correct statistics, you can suffer a huge monetary loss and your business will surely underperform.                          

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